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Christopher Lee is a political and constitutional historian. He specialises in international politics, Intelligence and the political and military consequences of strategic ambitions, also in regional and international counter-terrorism procedures.

Background: Christopher Lee is a former BBC defence and foreign affairs correspondent and Quatercentenary Fellow in Contemporary History and sometime Gomes lecturer at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Visiting lecturer at the University of Utah and UK defence and home defence colleges.

Publications: author or editor of 26 books including War in Space, a study of the military and Intelligence agencies' use of outer space, and Final Decade, an assessment of big power military politics. His prize winning BBC Radio 4 series This Sceptred Isle was described by the Sunday Times as the most user-friendly history of Britain. It enabled people to have a broad picture of British history and make the connections to times past, as well as to modern-day problems. He produced the first public examination of how Britain would cope with the ultimate terrorist or wartime disaster in his BBC programme Target UK. In 2005, his history of the British Empire will start on BBC Radio 4 and run until the summer of 2006. His history of the Battle of Trafalgar will be published to coincide with the battle's 200th anniversary in October. His books include several detective novels and his plays on Radio 4 casting a humorous eye at life at the Ministry of Defence have been applauded by many critics.

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