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Round Table

This informal association of professional commentators was the result of a weekly gathering of political, diplomatic, foreign affairs and defence analysts. The group met for over a decade until 2010 as contributors to what is known as the Sitrep Round Table. This is a radio programme broadcast live by British Forces Broadcasting Service. Sitrep (Service jargon for situation report) Round Table has a core audience in uniform. However, because the programmes go out on FM and, because there is now a clear record of independent analysis and forecasting, there is an estimated global audience of between four and six millions.


Each one of us in the Limehouse Group has some history in their particular field. Whether as academics or journalists, the Group covers every continent and every subject from politics to on-the-spot expertise in such difficult areas as the Middle East, Chechnya and, the more obscure cubby-holes of Washington, Whitehall and Westminster. Each is known separately to numerous broadcasters and newspapers all over the world. But we think that proclaiming our togetherness as colleagues and friends on the Internet to editors who normally approach us will be useful to them. They will know that they will get the same quality of comment from all the members of the group and, should any one of us not be available, a substitute may be found with the click of an Internet button. As for us, we shall not let our clients down in emergencies when an important news breaks. Of interest to producers in television will be the ready availability of a photograph in case we cannot go to a studio; (each individual's page has a link to a full-size, high-resolution photograph).

ISDN Lines

At the moment, three of the Limehouse Group have ISDN lines in both home and office and the others have access to them or can easily get to studios.

Why Limehouse Group?

It came about during a working dinner in the house of one of our number in that most historic part of London - Limehouse.


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