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Eric Grove of Salford University is one of the two Professors of Naval History in the United Kingdom and has a world wide reputation in the fields of naval history and contemporary maritime strategy. He has published numerous books and articles in these fields and also has research interests in nuclear weapons and strategy and British defence policy. He often appears on television and radio as a commentator on these issues as well as wider matters of national and international security. ...

He was born in Lancashire in 1948 and studied history at the universities of Aberdeen and London (postgraduate MA War Studies 1971). He became a civilian lecturer at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth in 1971 and stayed for thirteen years, leaving as Deputy Head of Strategic Studies. He then worked as a self employed strategic analyst and defence consultant, among other things acting as principal consultant to the Foundation for International Security's Common Security programme, starting the Russia-UK-US naval talks, helping design the Sea Power gallery at the National Maritime Museum and teaching strategic studies and international relations at The Royal Naval College Greenwich and the University of Cambridge.

His books include 'Vanguard to Trident' (the standard work on post-1945 British Naval policy), 'The Future of Sea Power', 'Sea Battles in Close-Up: World War Two', 'Fleet to Fleet Encounters' and 'The Price of Disobedience;' (a reassessment of the Battle of the River Plate). He was the co-author of the 1995 edition of the official publication BR1806 'The Fundamentals of British Maritime Doctrine'. A major new book, 'The Royal Navy 1815-2000' is due out in November.

He is much in demand as a speaker at conferences all over the world, most recently Sea Power 2004 in Sydney in February this year. He is a Vice President of the Society for Nautical Research, Member of Council of the Navy Records Society and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

His e-mail address is and his mobile telephone number is: +44 (0)7 889 221 946.

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